What if… Marvel Studios turned their stories upside down?

TV Show Review


What if… Marvel Studios took a turn flipping around their characters and storylines- well, let me explain.

The animated series What if…? was released on Disney+ in August 2021 and releases a new episode every week. The first five episodes were good because I thought they had good ideas for the twists but I felt with some of the episodes they could have been executed a little better.

The first episode –What if… Captain Carter were the first avenger?– overall it was not my favorite episode because I thought Captain Carter’s character looked too weird. I felt they could have made her character look strong without making her look too masculine. I also just thought the episode was overall not very interesting.

The second episode -What if… T’Challa became Star-lord?- this episode was the best so far out of the first five episodes.

I didn’t really like that Thanos was a “good” guy because I feel like he would add more characteristic to the episode if he was still the antagonist.

Also, I felt that Gammora should have been in it since Thanos and Nebula were in it.

I liked the concept of T’Challa being Star-Lord because the storyline made sense and it made the episode more interesting. Also, in my opinion, the episode had a good ending.

The third episode -What if… The world lost its mightiest heroes?- I felt like the episode was a little weird and it started off a little confusing to me.

I didn’t really like when the Hulk died because it was a little weird and I feel they could have had him die a different way.

I like when Loki comes and he’s trying to talk to Nick Fury but Fury’s phone keeps ringing until he finally answers it.

The fourth episode -What if… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? –this episode was weird and got a little boring. I like when towards the end he had to try and stop himself.

Although I thought the “bad” version of him looked weird and really unhealthy so I didn’t really like that.

The fifth episode -What if… zombies? – I thought it was a strange episode. I felt like the whole episode had a depressing vibe because everyone was pretty much dying. Also, Spider-Man’s character doesn’t really look like him.

So overall, the first five episodes were pretty good but some of the ideas were just weird or boring.