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The Chuff List

Tigers cannot purr. Instead, they CHUFF – a friendly vocalization that is unique to tigers.


Journalism students are often behind the camera covering student life, athletics and organizations. Sometimes their hard work and dedication is overlooked as they continue to shine a spotlight on what is happening in the school. Therefore, journalism students who have received awards and achievements will be recognized on THE CHUFF LIST.





Larissa Anthony – Advertising, Excellent

Hailey Newill – Advertising, Honorable Mention

Rowan VanOsdel – Entertainment Writing, Excellent

Shelby Tracy – Entertainment Writing, Excellent

Heather Smith – Feature Writing, Honorable Mention

Allison Ramirez – Feature Writing, Honorable Mention

Jared Knollenberg – Sports Feature Writing, Honorable Mention

Allison Ramirez – Newspaper Layout, Honorable Mention

Rowan VanOsdel – Headline Writing and Design, Excellent

Meah Homan – Yearbook Feature Writing, Honorable Mention

Whitney Walling – Yearbook Sports Writing, Honorable Mention

Delaney Karr – Yearbook Layout, Superior

Delaney Karr & Whitney Walling – Yearbook Theme Development, Honorable Mention


UNO High School Media Contest

Justin Juarez – Editorial Cartooning, 3rd Place

Emmanuel “Ollie” Salas – Feature Photography, 2nd Place

Emmanuel “Ollie” Salas – Feature Photography, 3rd Place

Rowan VanOsdel – 2-Page Newspaper Layout, 2nd Place


NSAA State Journalism

Justin Juarez – Editorial Cartooning, 8th Place

Lexi Montoya – Photo Illustration, 5th Place

Hailey Newill – Advertising, 4th Place

Rowan Van-Osdel, Lilly Ramirez, Kyle Stearns, Jaqueline Leimer – In-Depth, 2nd Place

Shelby Tracy – Newspaper Layout, 1st Place/State Champion





Ariana Pitterson – Advertising, Honorable Mention

Ariana Pitterson – Editorial Cartooning, Excellent

Ariana Pitterson – Photo/Artistic illustration, Honorable Mention

Cameryn Hart – Graphic Illustration/Infographic – Honorable Mention

Diego Diaz – Entertainment Review Writing – Honorable Mention

Emmalei Huenniger – YB Sports Feature Writing – Excellent

Heather Smith – Newswriting – Superior

Heather Smith, Lilly Ramirez, Justin Juarez, Breanna Nelson, Diego Diaz – InDepth Newspaper Coverage – Excellent

Justin Juarez – Editorial Cartooning – Superior

Kyle Stearns – Newspaper Layout – Honorable Mention

Lilly Ramirez – Newswriting – Superior

Lilly Ramirez – Newspaper Layout – Honorable Mention

McKenna Getzschman – YB Sports Feature Writing – Excellent

McKenzie Thayer – Advertising – Superior

Meah Homan – Photo/Artistic Illustration – Excellent

Meah Homan – YB Feature Writing – Honorable Mention

Norma Castellano Nuno – YB Layout – Excellent

Vincent Murad – NP Sports News Writing – Honorable Mention

Meah Homan – YB Layout – Honorable Mention


UNO High School Media Contest

Madalyn “MJ” Ideus – Feature Story, 1st Place

Peyton Goebel – 2-Page Newspaper Layout, 2nd Place


NSAA State Journalism

Heather Smith – Editorial Writing 7th

Heather Smith, Yearbook Feature Writing – 3rd

Delaney Karr, Yearbook Layout Design – 5th

Delaney Karr, Photo/Artistic Illustration – 5th

Delaney Karr, PSA Broadcast- 8th

Whitney Walling, Yearbook Layout Design – 6th

McKenzie Thayer, Advertising – 4th

Ariana Pitterson, Advertising – 5th

Peyton Goebel, Advertising – 3rd

Peyton Goebel, Newspaper Layout Design – 5th

Faith Peatrowsky, News Writing – 5th

Gryphon Smith, Yearbook Feature Writing – 6th

William Baxa, Photo/Artistic Illustration – 4th

Lilly Ramirez, Justin Juarez, Gryphon Smith, Annabelle Bignell, William Baxa, Peyton Goebel, Stars and Constellations – In-Depth – 6th

Gryphon Smith, Heather Smith, Diego Diaz, Kyle Stearns, Jacob Fowler, Justin Juarez  – In-Depth – 5th

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