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Creed III Review



Boxing is a dangerous sport. It is a sport that many people love and enjoy. It is a one on one fight with gloves and courage. Blood, sweat, and tears cover the ring in each fight. Professional boxers like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao are boxing legends that prove it takes hard work and talent to be a boxer. 

Rocky, the film franchise, does an amazing job showing what it means to be a fighter. After six movies, Creed I was made on November 25th 2015. You may want a little background on the Creed story (warning: there are spoilers), and here is a simplified version: Apollo Creed from the Rocky Franchise had an affair with another woman and had a son. Sadly, Apollo died before he could meet his newborn son. Adonis Creed, who is played by Michal B. Jordan, becomes a boxer just like his father but wants to make his own legacy with another name. He goes to Philadelphia to ask Rocky if he could train him. He refuses at first but eventually does decide to train him. And Creed eventually does accept the Creed name.

 Creed III has Adonis Creed return to the ring to fight an old friend. Damian. Adonis and Damian were like brothers. Damian competed in underground fights and always took Adonis to his fights.  Sadly, an incident happened where Damian was arrested and sent to prison. After a couple of years, he is released and wants to return to the ring. He states that he never got a chance to prove himself. Since Adonis is the heavyweight champion of the world, Damian wants a shot at his title. Adonis refuses, saying he is retiring. Adonis lets Damian train at his gym to earn his shot another way. 

Jonathan Majors does a great job playing as Damian in the movie. He does an amazing job giving his character life. He does a good job showing how impatient and angry Damian is through his acting. Damian fights dirty in sparring and he does it as well in his first professional fight. Adonis confronts Damian about him fighting dirty. Damian argues with him saying, “You think you’re mad? Try spending half your life in a cell. Watching somebody else live your life.” This is where the conflict between the two friends get worse as Damian sucker punches Adonis in the face. Adonis feels like he lost a friend and seeks help from his wife, Bianca. His wife tells him if he wants to fight, then give him a fight. 

Michael B. Jordan, as the director for Creed III, has put together a surprising, but amazing move. He adds references from popular animes in his final fight, such as having exaggerated punches to the body like Dragon Ball does. The cinematography and fight choreography were simply amazing. The only problem I had with the movie is that it was short and Sylvester Stallone doesn’t return as Rocky in the movie. Other than those complaints, I believe this movie was a good third entry for the Creed franchise and is a must watch for boxing fans and old Rocky fans.

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