Are there real benefits to longer holiday breaks?


When given the option of longer or shorter holiday breaks, most students will choose longer breaks, but is there any real benefit to longer school breaks?

Holiday breaks are the perfect time to take time from school and distance yourself from work. For many students, the longer the better.

Personally, I believe that longer holiday breaks are a good thing. It allows students to take time to recharge and take much-needed time away from school.

However, there are both pros and cons to longer breaks for students. Some say one outweighs the other but that is all based on opinion. 

Starting with the pros, the longer the break is the longer students have to recharge and take time for themselves. When students get the chance to recharge and collect their thoughts, they are much more successful in school.

However, on the negative side of things, the longer students are out of school for breaks and vacations the more they lose important knowledge that they’ve retained and helpful study habits.

School breaks are especially beneficial to those students who are dedicated to their studies. Getting lost in school work is becoming more and more common and some students tend to prioritize school over mental health.

Whether they are longer or shorter, holiday breaks are customary. However, longer holiday breaks can actually be beneficial rather than just a few weeks of high schoolers slacking off.