Don’t Look Up: A Netflix film launching it’s way to several award nominations

A humoristic, dramatic, celestial, A-list celebrity filled, an overall genius film called Don’t Look Up came to Netflix on December 5, 2021.

The plot follows two astronomers, Dr. Randall Mindy (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and PhD candidate Kate Dibiasky (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who discover a huge comet headed directly for Earth that will strike in six months. The two then travel to the White House to urge President Janie Orlean (played by Meryl Streep) to plan and execute what needs to be done to prevent a mass extinction. The discovery is brushed off, and Mindy and Kate are sent off to warn the citizens of the world on their own through talk shows and interviews. It all came down to one thing: money. Companies and the President wanted to drop drones to collect gold and other valuables from the comet, while Kate and Mindy wanted their original plan to blast the comet and stop it from hitting Earth. A huge division breaks out, with some people arguing “just look up,” and some arguing “don’t look up”.

The movie also includes other A-list celebrities: Ariana Grande who plays singer Riley Bina, Kid Cudi who plays DJ Chello, Timothée Chalamet who plays Yule, Rob Morgan who plays Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe, and more.

   The film is excellent. It’s beautifully shot, has incredible acting, and incorporates humor into the dramatical tone. One of my all time favorite scenes is at the end when everyone is sitting at the table while the world literally ends, carrying on casual conversations and reminiscing memories because they know it’s hopeless, it’s the end. I also enjoyed the last concert scene, but I’m biased because I like Ariana Grande.

The film also seems to be an analogy to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of working together as a society and listening to scientists who know what they’re talking about, people were ignorant and didn’t believe them, ultimately ending up dead. 

I do recommend this film to others. There’s something in it for everyone, including a little bit of romance (if that’s your thing).