Rebranding takes over journalism department


After Jack Denker, the journalism teacher at FHS for 12 years, left Fremont High School, a new teacher, David Stevens, has sparked an interest in the Journalism ll class about rebranding The Rustler newspaper and website.

“The newspaper staff felt that a rebranding would update the look of the newspaper and to hopefully get more students interested in reading it,” Stevens said. “I like the rebranding. I have been impressed by the staff as they have spearheaded the rebranding. I think it is going to cause a buzz and more excitement around student publications.”

The rebranding committee is made up of six senior students on the staff: Aubrey Pieper, Allison Ramirez, Ainsley Goebel, Courtney Roberts, Megan Rayl, and Rowan VanOsdel.

Aubrey Pieper and Allison Ramirez are in charge of the new website.

“I have a lot of mixed emotions about it, mainly all good though,” Ramirez said. “I will miss the old Rustler and how it was designed in a way, but I’m also super excited to create something new and modern. We have so many great ideas and angles we plan on creating on our new website and the magazine. Since it is my last year, I think what the staff is doing as a whole is something that will stick around for a while which is kind of cool because I’m able to be a part of that.”

The rebranding committee has started to brainstorm different design ideas and the newspaper will feature more color and pictures to be more magazine-like.

“I am very excited to work on the website and all the other small things that go along with recreating one’s image,” Pieper said. “It will be hard to get everyone’s ideas incorporated together, but it will be great in the end.”

Ainsley Goebel is in charge of finding a masthead. “I love my role in the rebranding of the newspaper. I am in charge of choosing a font/type for the front cover. There are a lot of options, all of which will help give the newspaper a lively, up-to-date display,” Goebel said.

Rowan VanOsdel is in charge of the graphics and logo design.

“I’ve drawn so many test logos for the rebranding, and I feel like it’s coming along nicely,” VanOsdel said. “I’ll also be helping with the graphic design elements on the website.”

The new name they decided on as a group is The Tigers Eye. The cost to set up the new website was 850 dollars.

They will be selling ads to help pay for the cost of the website.

“I’m so excited to be helping the team with this. It’s such a great opportunity that many people who came before me didn’t get to participate in,” VanOsdel said. “I’m so glad that something I’ve worked on is going to be lasting far beyond my years at FHS.”