The Psychology of Astrology: why people believe what is written in the stars


Annabelle Bignell, Community Manager and Culture Committee

It may seem crazy to believe that balls of gas and dust 5.8 trillion miles away can control our lives, but a person who has lost hope or is in a stage of uncertainty is most likely looking for a way to escape. For some people, that way out is astrology. 

Knowing astronomy is the study of the planets, stars and their position in the sky, many would assume there is scientific evidence that proves astrology plays a role in someone’s life. However, there is absolutely zero scientific evidence. Therefore, everything we know about astrology is found through the discoveries of the human mind. 

There is a psychological background to every religion or belief, which means there is also one for astrology, but there has always been a larger amount of skepticism when it comes to the belief and following of astrology. 

When you begin to look into astrology more and more, there becomes a lesser amount of skepticism and you begin to understand a deeper and truer meaning.

This isn’t just for astrology, it’s for all religions or subjects. However, many seem to deny the fact of astrology is the real deal or has any importance at all. 

Modern-day astrology is manipulated by pop culture to present an easier understanding for new beginners and followers. Although the true definition and relevance of astrology are dumbed down to become easier for people to understand, it’s just as meaningful. 

Nearly 40% of Generation Z believe that astrology can play a role by helping them make more beneficial decisions. Whether it is a financial or social decision or even one that helps relieve stress, astrology has an impact. According to Mckinsey & Company, 58% of Generation Z is more likely to buy products assigned to their astrological sign. 

This leads to the way astrology acts as a system of understanding your own identity. Astrology can be used as a sense of self-comfort, validation, communication or even internal growth. Learning more about astrology can teach you how to control your emotions and balance them with higher uncontrollable aspects in the world. 

Experts believe that the reason astrology has become so popular over the last 2,000 years is that in early civilizations, it was studied and used because of its accuracy, which played a huge role in the lives of people. 

The 12 Zodiac Signs are one of the most major and popularly used tools when it comes to understanding the psychological background of astrology. 

This theory was discovered by the Babylonians. The signs use the position of the planets, stars, moon and suns in the sky which are then divided into 12 placements. These factors added to the time and location of when you were born, create and influence your zodiac sign. 

There are many other uses for the 12 signs other than self-understanding. For example, they are used in manifestations, building internal reinforcement and creating new relationships. 

The Zodiac signs can possess pros and cons when it comes to building relationships. Each sign is assigned good qualities as well as some flaws. If a person is looking for a friend or a partner, they may look into their Zodiac sign qualities and traits to help make future decisions with this person.  

Whether it’s real or not, astrology will always be a topic that fascinates human beings since it goes hand in hand with humanistic psychology. However, those who believe in straight scientific evidence may have a hard time grasping the concept since there is no real matter or physical proof that astrology exists.