Horoscoping out the flaws


Astrology has gained popularity throughout the past couple of years causing it to become one of the most controversial topics. 

I haven’t gotten into astrology very much until my freshman year of high school. I would see posts on TikTok and Instagram about how certain star signs/zodiac signs acted. 

For example, Virgos are clean freaks, Leos are stuck up and self-centered, and Geminis are rude and two-faced. I didn’t understand what a Virgo, Leo or Gemini was, so I Googled it. I then found out that my star sign was Gemini. 

Geminis are supposedly sociable, into many hobbies and impulsive. I thought that these traits correlated with my personality, so it then played a factor in my further belief in astrology. 

I then learned that astrology is broken down into groups. The categories and charts were set up in a way that made the whole concept easier to understand. 

Astrology itself is the study of movements and positions of bodies in space. There is also the study of “feminine, masculine, and human events” through the monitoring of stars, planets, the moon and the sun. 

These three categories have different characteristics which supposedly help make up your astrological profile.

As I got deeper into learning about the ways of astrology, I learned more about how the moon, sun and planets affect physical things on Earth. 

For example, the moon causes changes in ocean waves constantly through its gravitational pulls. While also humans are made up of around 60% of water, so how would there not be a correlation or effect between the moon and the human body? 

Things like this are what make me believe that there has to be some sort of outcome in our lives due to astrological beliefs. 

When I hear people talking about astrology, they mainly seem to think astrology is stupid, and it’s just the boring belief of the stars and planets control every aspect of human life. 

Although there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up astrology, I think this is what makes it even more interesting. This is what causes you to dig deeper. It can be interpreted by you for your own usage and needs. 

For example, some people use astrology to make future decisions, understand their thoughts, deepen their knowledge of history, help create new relationships or even just for fun. 

Personally, I have used astrology as a way for me to make a decision. It may be a coincidence, but I do not regret any of the decisions I have made. 

It is also known that many people turn to astrology when they feel misunderstood and lost. It’s not just astrology they turn to, many people chose a religious path as well. No matter which path you choose, it’s what’s best for you. 

This leads to another reason. Astrology is flexible for you. You can decide what you do and not believe in. There are no strict rules to follow. It’s all up for interpretation. 

We all want to be in control and have a sense of reality. No matter what you believe in, whether it’s astrology or any other religion/belief, it’s used as a way to comfort and guide you through the things you will face in life. 

I hope more people will become aware that believing in astrology does not make you crazy or stupid, you’re just expressing yourself like you would with any other religion or belief. 

You will never understand the true meaning of astrology, the impact and importance that astrology can have on your life unless you sit down and really learn about it. 

Overall, I think astrology has a bad reputation, but if people are willing to sit down and listen to understand the true meaning behind it, then there will no longer be a negative stigma around those who believe in astrology.