Tardy system needs an upgrade


Many mornings at FHS, abnormally long lines of tardy students are waiting to enter the building and get to class. Some students think that there needs to be some type of adjustments made to make it easier and less chaotic in the mornings because signing in on the school’s Raptor System results in long lineups, and students find it difficult to get to class at a respectable time. 

Each block class is divided into two halves, and students are required to be present for at least half of the class period in order to receive full credit for being in class that day. It’s crucial to stay in class the entire time because if students are absent for the majority of the class, it becomes challenging for them to catch up. 

It is difficult for students to learn and be taught in school when they are wasting their time waiting to enter the building and attempting to sign in with the Raptor System, especially when they are a few minutes late for class. School is supposed to be a place for students to learn and be educated. 

In order to avoid missing class and in order for students to obtain their daily credit for their class, teachers and students believe that it is more crucial for students to arrive to class a few minutes late than to spend the majority of their time signing into the Raptor system. Nevertheless, obtaining these credits is made difficult by being forced to deal with the Raptor system sign-in process.

The FHS Raptor technology is a system that keeps track of students and visitors as they enter and leave the building, as well as tracking how long they stay in the building and their destination. Students check themselves in and out, while visitors are signed in and out by the office staff. In the event of an emergency, the Raptor System guarantees the safety and identification of all students and visitors in the building. Some students believe that their tardiness should be noted by the teacher, but this is not how PowerSchool and the Raptor System operate together. 

PowerSchool and Raptor are two important systems that FHS uses to monitor student information. The Raptor System is used for checking students and visitors in and out of the building, while PowerSchool is the school’s form of an information system that keeps track of students’ schedules, grades and attendance. Despite different functions, these two systems work together. When students sign in or out on Raptor, the time is transferred to PowerSchool on the student’s attendance. 

The Raptor system should be made portable, much like the portable temperature stations, and installed at the south band doors as well as the west commons entrance in order to address the morning long line issue. Because of this issue, there would be shorter lines at the front doors, and students who park in the south and north lots would only have to walk around part of the building.