Gas, A New Anonymous App, Is a Sensation Among High School Students

The number of social networking apps have increased dramatically since the Myspace era in the early 2000s. Even though social media platforms have significantly grown, they are starting to look too much alike, making it difficult for new ones to become popular.

TBH has been updated and relaunched as the new, well-liked app Gas. TBH was a tween-targeted app for anonymous compliments. TBH exclusively allowed users to express nice things about one another, in contrast to a similar app called Yik Yak. The only significant change TBH made when rebranding as Gas was to change its target demographic from tweens to high schoolers.

When Gas was first released in August 2022, it quickly rose to the social networking charts. Gas had surpassed well-known social networking apps like BeReal, Tiktok, and Facebook to take up the top spot. 

What makes this social media app so popular? Users can anonymously vote for their friends in a round of polls that refresh every hour. All the questions rang from complimentary compliments to flirtatious confessions. Unlike similar apps that had issues with bullying and harassment, the polls are pre-made and there is no form for direct messaging systems linked with the app. The company’s goal is to create a place where users can begin to feel better about themselves rather than being dragged down. 

In the Fremont area, Gas became increasingly popular as a result of a virtual TikTok that aroused everyone’s curiosity. As soon as people started posting screenshots of the results of their votes, word quickly spread across the school.

The app asks for your age and whether you want to enable your contacts and location when you first get started. The app appears on the surface a little odd, but these are the same questions that other apps that we use every day ask. 

When I first started using Gas, I was puzzled since there are so many different pages that you can view, but you have to tap through each page one by one in order to reach the one you want.

Gas is a fantastic concept in its entirety. It’s an ideal location for teenagers to go where they can feel comfortable and unconcerned about all the horrendous things that can be said about them on other social media platforms, but they should have kept the tween target audience instead of switching to a high school target audience.