midterms offer first time voting opportunities for seniors


For many high school students, voting seems like it is something that is far in the future. But for some FHS seniors, they had the ability to vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 8.


Senior Emmalee Sheppard was one senior who had the opportunity to vote.


I decided to vote because it’s an expectation of my family. Also, I know that every vote matters, and I wanted to be a part of that decision,” Sheppard said.


One important part of voting is knowing who and what is on the ballot.


“I didn’t necessarily research about candidates before voting, but I talked the candidates and policies over with my family. This ensured I wasn’t making the wrong vote,” Sheppard said.


Sheppard felt a sense of accomplishment and pride after voting for the first time. 


“I felt accomplished doing it because I fulfilled my civic duty. I also felt special because it was my first time able to vote,” Sheppard said. “Every year prior I would go to the polls with my mom, and now it was my turn to go to the polls and vote by myself.”


The lesson that Sheppard learned from voting for the first time was that every vote matters.


“I learned from voting that even if you don’t think your vote counts because it’s only 1 vote, it still does. Every voice deserves to be heard, and voting is a great way to express your voice.”