An Overview of Multicultural Club


Multicultural Club (MC), led by Ashley Bignell, is one of many clubs at Fremont High school. “The Multicultural Club exists to promote and develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. We have a pretty diverse student population already, and I think that’s something that should be celebrated. MC allows students from different backgrounds to share their own cultures while also learning about others close to the Fremont community and around the world,” Bignell said.

 “I truly believe it’s essential to step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis and gain an awareness of the wider world we live in. I hope MC affects students by showing them differences are good and not something to be feared.”

MC focuses on embracing the diversity of cultures around the world, especially the cultures in Fremont.“I believe the Multicultural Club educates us about the different cultures around the world and helps us recognize the little differences that make us all great in our own ways. I like to think that we help educate Fremont’s student body and help them see the uniqueness all around us,” Rebekah Voss, a continuous MC member, said. “MC takes pride in teaching students about ways they can honor cultures and communities respectfully.” 

When learning about a different culture it gets boring having to just read something and then later on forget about it, but the club doesn’t do that. Instead, we get a monthly food box from a random country and we get to try new snacks from all around the world,” Brenda Alonzo-Gutierrez, a new MC member, said. “Some days we play games like Blooket to help us learn too.” 

MC holds Fremont High School’s annual Cultural Fair. The Cultural Fair is an afterschool event in which every student and staff members can come try food, learn about and explore new countries. Each MC member picks a country to represent, creates a presentation or poster about their country and tells students and staff about the country’s traditions, holidays, food, geographic location, and overall culture. 

“I’m excited about the Cultural Fair. When I heard that we would be doing a fair I was excited to know that we can teach someone about a country of our choice,” Alonzo-Gutierrez said. “I think it’s a fun way to teach students in the rest of the school who aren’t in the club about a country.” The MC will continue to keep celebrating diversity in and outside of Fremont.