Christopher Weddel marches into FHS as the new band director


Weddel applied for the band director job because of the reputation the band program has. 

“It’s time since the building opened in the 70s has had a total of 10 directors; out of those 10 directors,” Weddel said. “Over half of them are in the Nebraska band Masters Hall of Fame. This has a great reputation for a band program. I’m happy to be here.” 

Music has always been in Weddel’s life, he started the band in fourth grade. He grew up in a house of music because of his parents. 

“I think it started with my mom where we started singing in church when I was very young. Then from there, my love of music grew, “Weddel said. “My dad was an instrumentalist. He played the French horn, he introduced me to music.” 

He started playing the bass but then moved to a small town called Ainsworth, Neb. He then started playing the trombone because his new school didn’t have a bass. 

“I’ve just been a trombone player ever since. I’ve been meddling in the other instruments as you have to and learning them as a craft and skill but trombone is my primary,” Weddel said. 

Weddel has been in band from fourth grade up to college. He went to college and played all through it. He continued his passion for music and got his Master’s Degree in Music Education.

“I got my undergrad from Wayne State College in instrumental education”(Weddel said). “Then I went to a Master’s program from the American Band College. In the end, I got my Master’s Degree in Instrumental Conducting.”

Weddel then continued his passion and became a music teacher. This year in Fremont will be his 10th year of teaching. 

“Before Fremont and the past five years I taught 512 instrumental music at Yutan, which is just south of here, kind of between Oahu in Omaha,” Weddel said.” I then taught two years before that at Tacoma Herman just north of Blair, so this is my 10th year of teaching.”

One of Weddel’s biggest changes is the FHS band size. He’s used to teaching at smaller schools. What brought him to FHS was the feeling it gave. 

“You get a family vibe from the program, we have multiple kids that do multiple activities across the board. It just goes to show how awesome this place is,” Weddel said.