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Barbarian review (2022 film)


Barbarian is a 2022 film that was written and directed by Zach Cregger. This movie was filmed in Bulgaria, Michigan and California. Barbarian is a horror film about a double-booked Air BnB with more than just a double booking. With multiple jump scares and few laughing matters, Barbarian has a twisted back story. The release date for Barbarian was September 9, 2022, at a run time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. 

The trailer for this movie is very popular on TikTok, which is the way I found out about the making of this movie. Another reason why it peaked my interest in seeking out a local theatre showing this movie, is to observe this movie for myself and gain my own opinion. 

Tess Marshall, played by Georgina Campbell, is one of the main characters. Tess drives to Detroit, Michigan for an interview to pursue her dream of being a research assistant for a documentary. 

Having an Air BnB rented out for a month on end before finally coming to Detroit, and then once finally arriving finding out that the Air BnB has been double booked is frustrating. Normally you would leave and rent out a hotel room, but Tess believes that Keith is a nice man that she can trust for the few days of her staying there, especially since all of the hotels are completely booked. 

Barbarian is a horror film so you are expected to be on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to be around the corner. I personally believe that there could have been more times when something could startle you. With little to no weak points within this movie, there are many strong points.

A strong point that I feel was interesting was the movie compared to the trailer. Whether you watch the trailer before going in to see this movie or not, you will be surprised as to what is really going to happen next. 

Personally, I believe this movie was very good. Going into this movie only by watching the trailer, which by the way had no explanation of the back story about the whole movie, I would definitely watch this movie again if I had the chance to. Personally, I feel like this movie could have been a little bit scarier, rather than just shocking.

In my opinion, I feel as if this movie wasn’t as much of a horror movie, but rather a mystery. There were points that didn’t have much background explanation as to what was going on, or what had happened in between the time frames they never showed. In the end, everything is more explained.

Overall, I definitely recommend this movie to people who are interested in a movie with a twisted back story. If you aren’t scared easily or like to be scared, then I believe this movie would be at a peak of your interest. There is a little bit of gore in this movie, so if you have a weak stomach then maybe this movie won’t be the best for you.

Without trying to spoil this movie for others the only thing I can really say is, don’t watch the trailer before seeing this movie. It will definitely make your experience superior. 

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