Anything but a typical Monday


A typical Monday took a “spirited” and unexpected turn when the students were allowed to bring anything but a backpack to hold their school supplies to start of Spirit Week.

“When they said anything but a backpack, I don’t think they [the administration] expected the wide variety of things they would see,” junior Jacob Guel said. “It’s like Pokémon; everyone’s trying to find the craziest backpack.”

Junior Jacob Guel walks in the hallway with his homemade backpack that he crafted in the library during first block.

The not-backpacks seen around the school so far include but are not limited to, a full-sized Christmas tree, a shopping cart, a stroller, a briefcase, two kayaks, a toy bus and car, rolling suitcases, several milk crates, a wheelbarrow, a dog cage, a stick and bandana, several coolers, an inflatable raft and a 2-year-old child.

Rumors circulated around the school that more than one child was present as a backpack, but this has not been confirmed.

“My favorite so far was a Christmas tree and a girl that brought her little sister in a stroller,” Lily Gonzalez, a librarian office associate, said. 

Some of these not-backpacks obviously do the job better than others, and books were often seen spilling out across the floor. Nonetheless, the purpose of Spirit Week is to encourage Tiger Pride and school spirit by bringing the students and staff together.

Senior Liberty Dake shows off her backpack/briefcase.

“I think we have a lot of kids participating in Anything But A Backpack Day, and I think it’s a good opportunity to have kids get involved,” high school principal Myron Sikora said. “It’s a chance for kids who can’t participate in activities before or after school to get involved during the school day.”

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