Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey- From Friendly to Evil


Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is a horror movie where Pooh and Piglet are murdering people in the 100 acre woods because Christopher Robin left for college.

From what I have seen in the trailer, I feel as if there are things that could be improved upon and things that are already pretty good. Pooh and Piglet’s design could be changed for the better but the world building is already great.

Christopher Robin left for college and didn’t come back to 100 acre woods, until years later with his girlfriend, Because of his absence, Piglet and Pooh have turned wild and are killing anyone who enters 100 acre woods. In one scene, Pooh, Christopher and his girlfriend are in a shack when Pooh snaps her neck and Christopher then pleads for his life. He then says if he knew this would happen he wouldn’t have left.

I now feel like Pooh and Piglet could look a lot better, right now they look like normal people in costumes of these characters. They look creepy, and that’s good, but I think the movie would be better if they looked more like the actual characters instead of people in costumes.

The movie takes place at and around a house in 100 acre woods with five female protagonists who are being hunted by Pooh and Piglet. After they realize they are being hunted they try to escape by car but are stopped by Pooh and have to figure out new ways to escape.

Piglet has some intense moments from the trailer. One scene there is a girl in the hot tub and he comes up behind her and grabs her after using chloroform. That is when the group realizes what is happening. The second scene he is chasing a girl in the pool and ends up catching up to her and hitting her in the head with a sledge hammer.

I feel like this could be a good movie but as I stated earlier, they would have to work on the flaws. I’m excited to see how the movie turns out and where it could go from there.

You can view the trailer here