A Night in Greece: FHS Prom 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to grab your togas and dates because this year’s Fremont High School prom was none other than A Night in Greece.
FHS was changing it up this year by doing an original theme that the students of FHS created. After a difficult divide between two themes, the prom committee decided to combine them both.
“Some wanted night time and others wanted Greek,” Math teacher Deena Bignell said. “Since the constellations are named from Greek mythology, we blended the two and were able to make it work for both groups.”
With the busy schedule of the fourth quarter, the time students had to work on prom decorations didn’t come easy.
The limited time for juniors participating in John Baylor ACT prep has left a hole that students of other grades have quickly jumped in to fill in order to finish decorations. With all grades participating in making decorations, the Night in Greece prom theme is becoming a success.
“We are using a lot of blacks to represent the night and metallics for the stars and constellations,” Bignell said. “We also have columns, statues, and vines to tie in more of the Greek theme.”
This year’s prom was quite successful with decorations scattered throughout the gym and the commons. This year’s prom king and queen were seniors, Orlando Estrada and Yukina Higashi. The Fremont High School 2022 prom is one for the history books as we reach an end to the school year.