FHS undergoes extensive changes

FHS undergoes extensive changes

September 14, 2021 was a big day for the community of Fremont, NE along with the schools in the district.

The Fremont Public Schools school board passed a bond worth 123 million dollars to help rebuild and renovate schools within the Fremont community. 

There will be three new elementary schools being rebuilt at almost all new locations: Washington, Howard and Clarmar.

There are multiple construction and subtractor companies the district is hiring. 

“BVH is our architecture company out of Omaha and then Houseman is basically managing the construction project and they’ll be hiring as many local subcontractors as possible,” head principal Myron Sikora said.

Reconstruction will begin the summer of 2022 at Fremont High. 

“They’ll be starting things off this summer with some of the ceiling renovations here in the hallways,” Sikora said. 

After ceiling renovations have been completed, the remodeling of almost every classroom will take place. 

“The entire school except for the science wing and social studies wings (will be changed) because they are the newest, but all the rest of the school is going to get all new heating and cooling, that kind of stuff,” Sikora said. “Plus, they’re going to get new flooring in every classroom of the school and the hope is for the math areas upstairs to be repurposed.”

Next will be a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) building where industrial tech and computer science classes will be held.

“It’s actually going to sit pretty much where the tennis courts are, the tennis courts will relocate, so that’ll be part of this summer’s project as well,” Sikora said.

After that, the football/track area will be completely dug up in order to place the wells for the new heating and cooling system of the whole building.

“Once we take down the Industrial Tech area, the new administrative offices are going to be sitting about where those classes are and the main entrance of the school is going to move to the south end,” Sikora said. “There’s going to be more parking down on that end and then the whole courtyard area in the middle of our school will have a roof put over it so the space is indoors and will be more flexible.”

Although there is much to do at the high school and elementary schools, contractors are hoping to have the project done within three years. 

“In about a year and a half, we’re hoping to have the CTE building open by December of 2023,” Sikora said.