Going through High School without any “normalcy” has shaped me as a senior


Entering high school, I think everyone to some extent imagines their next four years to live up to the romanticized Hollywood classic coming of age experience. You go with the optimistic expectation that the next four years will be some of the best years of your entire life. In reality, it turns out nothing like how you imagined.

I personally only got to live one “normal” year of high school. As I look back on my years at Fremont High School, I regret that I didn’t get to participate in as many opportunities that I wanted. I spent nearly an entire year inside of my room just barely passing by.

It wasn’t all so bad though. I did get to participate in a few activities. I was an active member of the band during my underclassmen years and when I arrived back to in-person learning during the second half of my junior year, I joined the newspaper staff, which was then known as the Rustler.

I definitely believe that senior year was my peak. Being a socially-awkward introvert for most of my high school career, senior year introduced me to many amazing people. I let go of a lot but also gained a lot.

I got a new job at the local Dairy Queen (hmm.. Kind of embarrassing to say out loud), I joined a few new friend groups, I became the “webmaster” for this newspaper and I probably did a few other things that I can’t think of right now.

Well, I guess the biggest thing that I managed to do this year was get a slight idea of what I want my future to look like. Obviously I plan to be rich and famous and well-loved by everyone on this planet but… if that can’t happen to me then I guess I’ll just plan on entering college this fall. I’m not totally sure of what I want to study but I am interested in political science (don’t look at me like that..). There have just been way too many instances in the media where I’ve thought to myself, why do the people IN CHARGE of this country think and act the way they do? I guess that’s why I plan on studying that.

Anyways… So long Fremont High, it (hasn’t) been fun.