Boys Soccer is Kicking off a New Season

The Fremont High School boys soccer team is kicking off a new season with a few important goals in mind. The team is cranking up the effort this year in hopes to best an undefeated rival and become a top seed during districts. Fremont currently holds a win-loss record of 5-11 with a 0.31 win percentage (As of May 2). Fremont is also currently 11th out of 12th in the Heartland Athletic Conference (HAC) district.
“Well the record doesn’t show it but we played a highly competitive game against Lincoln Pius, which we lost in overtime, playing down a man,” head coach Sean Murphy said. “It shows that we are very, very close.” Murphy is entering his nineteenth and final year as head coach for boys soccer.
The Tigers have had their ups and downs this season but are preparing harder than ever to bounce back from such close losses.
“I think we’re a pretty tight-knit group,” said Murphy. “I think the guys are close. They’ve played together now for a couple of years. So that definitely helps during practice and during games.”
This year’s roster includes nine returning starters as well as a tenth starter whose injury last year prevented him from playing.
Despite the team being close, they have experienced hardships this season.
“Just trying to keep bodies ready to play has been the biggest issue here,” said Murphy. “The last couple of games is that we’ve had some kids with some nagging injuries that take time to heal and the soccer seasons played way too fast with too many games in a row and makes it difficult to get the necessary rest you need to be ready to play.”
Despite hardship, Murphy has strong expectations for his players for the remainder of the season.
“Obviously, we want to be competitive within our own conference,” Murphy said. “You have to be ready to play night in, night out. And I mean, obviously, that’s where you want to be, a top seed in the district this season.”
Even through injuries and illness, the FHS boys soccer team continues to prevail and work hard as they prepare for their upcoming games this season.