Yik Yak is spreading the juicy gossip yet again


Well, well, well. Yet again anonymous message apps have surfaced to break the unstable peace. Yik Yak – the returning anonymous messaging app – has decided to take Fremont High by storm.
That storm is now a bit too aggressive. We all know that gossip has permeated the app. False statements are being shouted from the void. Yik Yak is synonymous with slander now.
Really? We’re actually doing this? I’ve seen Mean Girls too many times. Spreading hate around the school is definitely not the way to go if we want to avoid the awkward gym discussion like the one in the movie. And I’ll be honest, I’d refuse to participate in that trust fall activity. No burn book participation from me.
I’m joking a bit as I write this but to be fully honest, this is a serious topic. The amount of pain that gossip and slander can give to people leads to some terrible situations.
I don’t think I need to go into the statistics of what bullying leads people to do for us to truly understand exactly how dangerous it is (bullied students are two to nine times more likely to commit suicide according to bullyingstatistics.org).
Saying something snide to a friend can start a whirlwind of a rumor that’s suddenly out of control.
I know I’ve spread a rumor or some harsh gossip with a friend. It’s easy to slip into.
Gossip and rumor spreading have definitely gotten easier to do now with technology. Seriously, though. Who creates a localized anonymous chat app and doesn’t expect people to abuse it? People are mean enough on the internet when they have their names attached! I can’t imagine how cruel they can be if they don’t have to say who they are.
Gossip is everywhere and in everything. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally participate in. However, it’s also incredibly easy to avoid.
Simply don’t participate. Easy. It’s not hard to delete the app, say “I don’t want to hear this about them” or something like that. Find a positive topic to discuss instead of the likely false shortcomings of others behind their backs.
Gossip is a mindset.
Put an effort in.
Break out of it.