Mario Kart Tour: Is the Game a Race for Your Money?

Mario Kart is an iconic series of racing games published by Nintendo. Players verse each other in high-speed races using go-karts and various power-up items. 

The first initial Mario Kart game was Super Mario Kart, released on August 27, 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Through the years, the game series has been released on multiple different consoles such as: Wii, Nintendo DS, Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. 

In late 2019, Nintendo released the game as an iOS app. Mario Kart Tour was released on September 25, 2019. Game players are able to freely play the game and use most of the same returning mechanics that you would find on the iconic video game. Mechanics include: gliding, underwater diving and character-specific items. 

To control the driver, you’re able to use a single finger. Extra simple controls are available for beginners but the game itself is not difficult at all as the races are usually pretty short. Mario Kart Tour’s aesthetics also give off the bright , nostalgic beauty as the original games which makes it pleasing. 

As you pass levels, you’re able to unlock different items such as drivers, gliders and karts. It’s a gacha game, really. Most items are purely based on luck. However, in-app purchases are always lurking. The app may be free but in order to receive “high-end” items, you’ll be left with the burden of paying a monthly $4.99 to receive the Gold Pass which provides players with extra rubies, coins and extras. 

With the extras, you’re able to shoot off the green pipe that emits tons of cool items. So, if you’re looking to play using your favorite classic character and that character isn’t Toadette (the basic character that everyone begins with, who chose her honestly?), you’ll probably be in for a bit of disappointment. 

This has left many fans upset as prices for rubies are highly overpriced. 

Overall, although Nintendo is a money hungry company, the game itself is pretty darn fun and a good way to pass some time, or a lot of time… I’ll say it… I’m addicted.