Fremont Fine Arts students dominate All State Music

Fremont Fine Arts students dominate All State Music

Throughout the state of Nebraska, thousands of high school students are competing to be a part of the biggest musical event of the year.

All State Music is is a collection of high school ensembles headed by the Nebraska Music Educators Association. The event consists of three categories: band, orchestra and choir.

While nearly 4,000 total students audition, only about 600 get in.

“Being an All-State musician is an incredible honor that requires tedious work,” choir director Mark Harman said. “FHS has been fortunate to have many students participate and grow through the All-State process. This year we have six students representing FHS”

Representing FHS for All State Band are seniors Yukina Higashi and Jacob Santora. Higashi will be returning to All State Band for her fourth year and Santora returning for his third.

Opposite of band, representing FHS for All State Choir is seniors Amara Baker and Joel Moore, junior Tyas Menning and sophomore Haylee Bates.

In order to be one of few specially selected musicians, each student trying out must withstand the test of a one shot audition.

“They try to imitate a live audition,” band director Doug Bogatz said. “Now that it’s relatively easy to send digital recordings and stuff the way they wanted to imitate it was so that you don’t have a second chance.”

Unable to rerecord, prospective All State musicians spend months practicing and perfecting their pieces in order to get their audition just the way they want it.

Preparing for this year’s event at UNL, students will spend November 17th and 18th  rehearsing the large group piece and perform it as a group on the morning of the 19th.

“We’ve got a strong set from the band and choir program band orchestra and choir programs here at Fremont High School,” Bogatz said. “All these students worked really hard and we’re all exceptionally proud of all of them.”

Fremont’s All State musicians have received a top honor and proved they have what it takes to come out on top of the 4,000 students across Nebraska that auditioned.