Fremont girls varsity basketball shoots for another great season

Fremont girls varsity basketball shows hints of another successful year with a midseason win percentage of 93% and a state ranking of fourth. 

Having won 13 out of 14 games, this determined team is taking it play by play while shooting for the state championship win. 

“Well, first of all, we’ve got to win the district and get to state,” Flynn said. “Then, we’d have to win, so we probably won’t really talk about the state championship until we actually get there.”

Their only loss belongs to Lincoln Pius, the same team they lost to in the 2021 state championship. These losses were close both times though, their most recent game going into double overtime. 

“Probably play a little bit better, shoot a little bit better, keep Macy Bryant and Bella Keaton in the game,” the team’s coach Kelly Flynn said. “They both called out that game. Kind of the perfect storm, actually, to lose a game playing on the road.”

The team showed these improvements when beating Pius the second time they played each other this season.

“I think it gave us a little wake-up call and I think we focused a little bit better maybe, you know,” Flynn said. “The next time we played them we took them real serious and got ahead by double digits.”

The team works to maintain their physical form by practicing every weekday, lifting Mondays and Wednesdays and playing most Saturdays. 

“We don’t line it up and just run sprints, but we try to practice really hard so that they are good and conditioned,” Flynn said. “Anything that we think might be a weakness, whether it be rebounding, we emphasize that a little bit more in practice. If it’s shooting we try to spend a bit more time. We spent quite a bit of time on free throws and I think we’ve gotten a lot better at that.”

In addition to physical fitness, Coach Flynn wanted to prioritize the mental strength of his players. 

“There are some things that are mental parts of the game and so we try to talk positives and get us mentally prepared as well as physically prepared,” Flynn said. 

Along with focusing on the mental strength of the team, Flynn is making sure team bonds are strong, and the parents are helping. 

“Another thing that we’re doing is the parents are organizing some team meals and I think that’s really good,” Flynn said. “We have one scheduled for the next three weeks, one each week, and I think that’s another opportunity to bond a little bit as a team.”

A trip to Florida at the beginning of the season assisted in team bonding as well.

“Well it definitely helped build some really good bonds,” Flynn said. “Really good team bonding, you know, anytime you have an opportunity to spend two days together, especially at a fun place like Disney.”

Between all of the hard work, team bonding and mental preperations, the Fremont girls varsity basketball team is continuing to break records and win games all while playing for something bigger than themselves. 

“I can’t emphasize enough playing for each other, something above yourself,” Flynn said.