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reap the benefits of a good nights sleep


How much did you sleep last night? The answer is probably not enough.

Getting enough sleep is not just important for adults it is also very crucial for younger kids and teenagers. 

Most teens should be averaging seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Which is more than most actually get. 

Sleep actually plays a very important part in one’s health. A good night’s sleep allows the body to recover from the day’s events and in some cases even sickness. Many people have sleep problems and don’t get the rest that they need. Not enough sleep and poor quality sleep can be caused by sleep disorders,  medical conditions, and mental health. Sleep issues affect people of all ages, and their impacts can be far-reaching. 

Insufficient amounts of sleep can cause long-term health conditions such as diabetes, lung and heart disease. 

The lack of sleep could also be due to the amount of time students spend in front of screens whether it is video games, homework or social media. Stress from work and school also plays a big part in sleep quality. 

Many studies have shown that sleep deprivation in students at any educational level can cause them to suffer academically as well.  

No matter the age, a good night’s rest can be very beneficial.

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