The Problem with Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is an Italian fashion brand that has established itself across the United States. The brand provides trendy and fashionable clothing to young girls. However, Brandy uses a one-size-fits-all image which only caters towards extra small and small body types. 

It’s nothing new, many clothing brands popularize petite clothing. Nonetheless, this type of branding causes body dysmorphia in teens. It promotes the idea that ‘skinny should be the norm’. Their so-called ‘inclusive’ clothing excludes anyone who wears anything larger than a size 4, which isn’t close to being considered a medium.  

Brandy Melville uses vintage fashion trends to target specifically teenage girls, so it’s no wonder why there are concerns over their size exclusivity. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a thinner physique. The problem is that Brandy Melville and a lot more modern, teenage promoting brands only use this body type to market their products, making young girls think that this is the only idea of beauty.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 2.7% of teenage girls (ages 13-18) experience eating disorders. With Brandy Melville and these other size exclusive brands, percentages can only go up. Teenagers could turn to unhealthy habits such as: smoking, skipping meals and fasting in order to have a smaller body type. 

Customers looking for a ‘vintage look’ could easily find most of what Brandy Melville sells inside of a thrift store. There is no need to support a brand that thrives off of making young girls feel insecure of themselves.