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Senior shoots for the stars

Allison Ramirez
Senior Kelley Lebahn works on some math in her free time to practice for the ACT.

Senior Kelley Lebahn is yet another exceptional pupil that plans to do exceptional things in life after high school. 

“Kelley is incredibly driven,” drama teacher Caitie Hays said. “She doesn’t just like to set lofty goals, she likes to reach them. Kelley creates opportunities where there are none.” 

Throughout the past few months, Lebahn has balanced being in nine clubs (eight of which she holds leadership in), practicing yoga and self-defense to stay healthy, is a Girl Scout and practices violin all while fitting in time to apply for twelve schools. 

She’s also planning to apply to a few more in these next months.  

On November 1, 2021 Lebahn submitted her application to an Ivy League College – Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut. 

“I figured that as long as I meet the qualifications, it can’t hurt,” Lebahn said. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

As of right now, Lebahn is undecided as to what career path she wishes to pursue, but is looking into Sciences (Biology) or Communications. 

By applying to so many colleges, even challenging ones, she’s seeking something that can help her reach her full potential not only as a student, but as a person too. 

“I want the best college experience I can get, and I think an Ivy can give that to me,” Lebahn said.

Motivation can sometimes feel impossible through recent stressful times, but Lebahn believes that, “We’re building the foundation for our lives right now. Even if you aren’t trying to get into an Ivy college, how hard you try in high school can define who and where you are ten years from now.”

Lebahn’s family has also played a big role in the last four years. “My family for sure have been my greatest supporters and mentors,” Lebahn said. “They understand my dream to go big and they are by my side.”

Though life can be chaotic, understanding and practicing time management will lead to success Lebahn explains. 

She sets aside time to focus on her mental health and to do some de-stressing activities. “Reading on my porch swing and listening to Taylor Swift are two big stress relievers for me,” Lebahn said.

Although Lebahn has applied to a school with a 6.1% acceptance rate, she explains that she isn’t a stranger to rejection. 

“As someone who knows rejection pretty well at this point, the best way to open the rejection or acceptance email is with your friends and a Large Baja Blast (from Taco Bell) at the ready,” Lebahn said.

Many of the colleges Lebahn has applied to will give her the acceptance or denial letter in December 2021 or March 2022. As for Yale, she will get her letter on December 15, 2021.

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