Doglife: yet another weird text life game – but with dogs!

Doglife: yet another weird text life game - but with dogs!

So, remember that one text based mobile game from forever ago where the player would basically control the life of a random person?

Well.. Wanna play the dog version of that?

Bitlife, everyone’s favorite weird text based mobile game, has a sister game (pet game?) now. On October 31st, Doglife: Bitlife Dogs was released by Candywriter. The brand new game has hit the metaphorical ground running, with a total of 100K+ downloads in less than three weeks. It’s average rating is a 4.2 and it’s currently second place for the top free roleplaying game category (only beaten by Ragnarok Origins – whatever that is).

How this game possibly hit second in the category is beyond me. The game is pretty basic – like Bitlife but only newer, emptier, and canine. 

You play as one of around 50 dog breeds (or as a cat, for $1.99).  Everything from being a mutt to a saint bernard are available to play. 

As a dog (or cat), the player is allowed to start their life. The character is randomized (unless, of course, you pay for the customization option) and thrown into the world on the streets, in a home, a pet store, or an animal shelter. It plays much like Bitlife does: the big red ‘age’ button, the text screen, the bar on the bottom with options, and the three lines in the top corner. Like Bitlife, the game has mini games and character interactions. Just like Bitlife, the game charges a good chunk of change for personalization – $2.99 currently to unlock all it offers.

 However, in Doglife, the button only ages the character 3 months – to avoid a short doggy life. The payment is also cheaper. You get everything for that $2.99. Personally, if you are going to actually pay for something in this game, now’s the time to do it, before it gets more expensive.

As fun as Doglife is on the surface, it’s only fun on the surface. Other than fighting, running around, and gathering a hoard of puppies, there’s not much to do. It’s like a shallower version of Bitlife.

All in all, Doglife is definitely a new game that needs more content, but it keeps the charm of Bitlife (charm standing for weird interactions, mainly). It’s a good game to play in the car on a trip when wifi isn’t an option. Other than that, I wouldn’t play it consistently over a long period of time.