letter club’s dodgeball tournament fundraiser


Samara Scott

Winning Team Nolan Millard’s team celebrating their win!

On November 22 and November 23, 2021, the FHS Letter Club hosted a dodgeball tournament to raise money for an important cause. Every year they use this fundraiser as a way to support a great cause- having raised $235 for the cancer fund this year it gives to those struggling and lightens the mood for the holiday season.

“There is a cancer fund where you can donate and we put it in there.” Macy Bryant, president of letter club, said.

“If there’s people in the school system or in the high school that are suffering from cancer and they need help, then we can give them money in order to get groceries or toys or medical treatment, whatever they need.” Bryant said

The admission to play dodgeball was $3 per person, for a total of $30 per team and any student who wants to participate can. Students had the ability to make up their teams by having ten people sign up, then choosing who would be captain and team name. A bit different from past years, because it used to be that students had to have teams made up of half boys and the other half had to be girls. This year there ended up being eight teams of students.

Teachers got in on the action too!

“There are two teacher teams. To my knowledge, there is the math department which is playing together and then there is just a general teacher team, including myself, Ms. Peterson, Mrs. Fontaine, Ms. Brooke, Mr. Millard, Mr. Champ. He’s kind of like our secret weapon because he was a pitcher in college.” Blake Hughes, an English department teacher at FHS, said.

The first day of the games, Thursday, November 22, 2021 was a pool play, which means students and teachers get to face off against other teams as a practice run before the actual tournament on Friday.

Right before the pool play day on Thursday, Bryant said.

“We usually have some sort of prize for the winner and I’m assuming we will this time, we might just have to wait and see what that prize will be.”

“Pride and glory is what we’re mostly fighting for, but I don’t know if there are any actual prizes there might be.” Hughes said.

Mr. Hughes was excited to play in the dodgeball tournament this year without knowing there was a prize for the winner. The prize was bragging rights and the satisfaction of giving money to a school charity event. With no incentive, students and teachers were mainly just wanting to play dodgeball for the fun of it.

The winning team was Nolan Miller’s team of all senior boys, who won the whole tournament going against teachers and several teams of athletic students and teams of friends.

“I didn’t play last year but after this year and how much fun I’m having I think I definitely want to do it in the future.” Hughes said.

Encouraging students, Hughes hopes for even more students to participate to support Letter Club’s fundraiser.

“I want more students and teachers to get involved next year so that we can have a proper dodgeball tournament with a lot of people. I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

Next year when the epic dodgeball tournament takes place again, be sure not to miss out on it, get involved and invite friends to play or just watch the games! The tournament is meant to be fun and a way to raise money for the cancer fund.

Samara Scott
Samara Scott
Samara Scott