FHS is out of loaner chromebooks, but why?


It has become well-known around FHS that the library is officially out of loaner Chromebooks, but why?

“They (students) forgot it at home,” Dana Fontaine, FHS librarian, said. “I have begun to require that students call home, or call someone to go and retrieve their Chromebooks. Some students forget to charge it overnight for some reason.” 

“I believe this is happening because they don’t think about needing to charge them at home,” Rebel Ruhr, Library Office Associate, said. “I know as a parent, once my kids are home school is the last thing on their minds. You can say maybe it’s one of those things out of sight out of mind.”

“Every teacher, with the exception of a few departments, have at least three Chromebook chargers in their room purchased by Mr. Sikora to combat the issue,” Fontaine said.

Chargers are broken or their charger ports don’t work. “

They charged it but their charger didn’t work,” Fontaine said.

“We have many students who have their Chromebooks break in their backpacks. Their charging port may also stop working,” Rebel said. 

Many students have no care about how they treat the technology they are given.

“It seems that most are caused by accidents and carelessness. Students were given a piece of technology that they didn’t have to pay for, so it doesn’t bother students when they don’t have it,” Fontaine said. 

Students have been careless and have not been charging their Chromebooks.

Charge Chromebooks. Take care of it,” junior Xavier Berhow said. 

“Students could take care of their Chromebooks,” junior Adarius Mitzelfelt said.

Students need to take care of their Chromebooks.