It’s your choice, but have a plan

The graduation credit requirements for Fremont High have been lowered from 250 to 210 within the last year, giving more students the opportunity to graduate during their junior year.

Most of your teachers and counselors will tell you to stay, while your friends will likely tell you to run while you still can, but don’t feel pressured one way or another. Be sure the choice you make is 100% yours.

As someone who is choosing to graduate early from high school, I do not feel as if I’m the best person to tell anyone else to either stay at FHS for a longer period of time or not. However, I do feel that there are some aspects of early graduation that may go overlooked by students looking to graduate during their junior year.

So here would be the Tiger’s Eye editorial board’s advice to a friend.

One of the first things we would recommend is to look into taking the free Metro classes offered through FHS. Completing requirements for graduation early during junior year leaves you plenty of time to take free college classes that are very helpful if you need financial aid for college.

Even if you don’t want to take these classes for financial reasons, it isn’t a bad idea to get them taken care of so you can focus more on the classes in college that you will need specifically for your chosen field of work.

Considering how much college will cost you in the long run may help you determine whether you want to take these classes or not. It does pay to sit and do the math for what your chosen college path may cost, or at least get an estimate on how much college costs without the free Metro classes.

An alternative to taking a college class is taking extra high school classes, or you can develop skills by joining a club or activity you are interested in. This may specifically help anyone who wants to receive better scholarship opportunities or seeks to graduate with honors.

Personally speaking for this senior, one of the last required classes for me was Journalism One, which eventually became one of the things I enjoyed most about high school. After finding out that I enjoyed journalism and writing articles as much as I do, I decided to stay for a quarter longer than I intended. Taking extra high school classes isn’t a bad option if you want to broaden your horizons and expand upon skills that you value.

Another huge point to consider is what your plans are upon your exit from high school. As someone who’s graduating high school early, it was difficult to know what I wanted to do after I decided to graduate early. The choices I made about college were made largely in relation to where I need to be financially to afford it. Everyone’s ability to pay for college is different and that’s fine.

I ultimately decided that pursuing a full-time job would be a better option than staying to take college classes at this point; however, you may not feel the same way. This editorial board and I don’t think that anyone should make that decision other than you.