The Unusual Pets of Fremont High

Most of the time when people talk about the pets they have at home. An expected animal would be a dog, a cat, or maybe even some fish. However, what animal sophomore Jasmine Klco owns is an unusual pet, a ferret. Ferrets are definitely an animal that you wouldn’t expect to see running around at someone’s house. “Well, my mom had ferrets when she was younger and we went to Petco one day and they had some, so my mom thought it was a good idea to get a ferret,” Klco said. Learning about ferrets and managing to take care of multiple little squirrel-like animals that run around all the time might not be the easiest.  All animals have lots of responsibilities to maintain. “I had to learn how much time and effort you put into them to make sure they have a good life,” Klco said. Most kids want a dog or a cat, but for Klco, it was ferrets.

Hamsters may be a factor of small pets that may be easier to take care of rather than dogs or bigger animals that may actually be seen as usual pets. Chinchillas are classified as a rodent, but sophomore Chloe Kumm considers them her pets. “I wanted a chinchilla because it looked like a rat and they take ash baths which I think is pretty cool,” Kumm said. Some people worry about the responsibilities of an animal before actually obtaining that animal. However, Kumm had no preparation. “I didn’t have any experience with chinchillas before we bought them,” Kumm said. Being given a new animal that isn’t one you are familiar with, there are many new responsibilities you have to obtain. “I had to learn what they are and how many times they needed to take volcanic ash baths and what temperature the room had to be for them to survive,” Kumm said. Having to learn new and different responsibilities for an animal that has unique habits to them may be something that is very difficult.