Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

As our society increases in diversity and as a multicultural society, we need to teach diversity and inclusion in schools all around the world. At Fremont High School, we as a school are quite diverse, with a minority rate of 38.4%, while the rest consist of 61.6% white (Caucasian) students. The newspaper class recently interviewed the new sophomore and freshman administrator, Allie Graham. Something she said stuck out to me, “I think the coolest thing about this school would have to be the diversity and the inclusion. For example, the teachers being able to have pride flags up.” While I agree, I feel as though we need to do more as a school to promote inclusion and diversity. 

For starters, I think teachers need to do more in trying to get to know their students. I’ve only had one teacher that really got to know me as a person, and that says a lot because now I’m taking all of his classes. He asked my class every day (that he was there) if we were doing okay, as well as how we were, and even asked about our interests. I wish all teachers would do this. It’s a pretty easy concept – how to manage diversity in the classroom. As I stated before, you should get to know your students and, in addition, maintain consistent communication, Acknowledge and respect every student, practice cultural sensitivity, incorporate diversity in lesson planning, and lastly, have freedom and flexibility.